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   Home >> Wissota Review

About Wissota

The Wissota Auto Racing can be seen at approximately 50 race tracks located in Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Ontario and Manitoba. If you live in the region, your local track is probably a member of Wissota. The member tracks have organized into an association and work together for the betterment of short track racing all across the upper Midwest.

If you are looking for the pulse-pounding thrill of up-close, thunderous racing action, then you need to visit a Wissota Dirt Track. Your local dirt track is a place where you can bring your entire family for a night of thrills and chills and do it at an affordable price. You can bring the kids because they love the races. Only at your local race tracks they can actually meet all of their favorite drivers and get their autographs. In Wissota Racing, your whole family can get up-close and personal with the daring racers who put on the show.

When you take your seat in to the stands, you will be surrounded by thousands of other race fans who know that dirt is for real racing. Every race track owner, racer, crew member, and fan is a vital part of the racing picture in Wissota Country. WISSOTA has a racing division for everyone. A variety of classes have been sanctioned under WISSOTA to insure fun and competitive racing.

Wissota Late Models are built as race machines from the ground up and fully fabricated for racing. They run up to 410 c.i. engines and may run gasoline or alcohol. These cars run as light at 2,300 pounds and really rocket around the track.

Wissota Racing Championship Sprints:

WISSOTA Championship Sprints are the top open wheeld division in Wissota. These cars are typically the fastest division at the raceways and are powered by fuel injected engines up to 360 c.i. It has open wheeled machines which weights about 1,600 pounds. These care have wide tyres which make them look amazingly quick around the raceway. The pair of wings on the car help keep the car stable at high speeds and provide downforce through the turns.


They are Fast and affordable and also Wissota Modifieds are very popular among fans and drivers alike. The cars run on a minimum wheelbase of 107" and use a street car frame. The engines may run gas or alcohol and run a 2 or 4 barrel carb. and the maximum displacement is 410 c.i. The minimum weight for the Modifieds are 2,500 pounds.

Street stocks

The Wissota Street Stocks are designed to allow people to get involved in auto racing as a driver with an affordable car. These cars are built from a stock passenger car with minimum modifications. Wissota Street Stocks have a minimum wheelbase of 110" and must weigh a minimum of 3,200 pounds. This class is a drivers division where talent behind the wheel is more important than performance parts.

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