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All About Comfi Phonecards

ComFi is a leading online retailer of phone cards. The company caters to the calling card needs of customers and business organizations that are looking for economical ways to communicate across the globe. Comfi phonecards has developed relationships with premiere telecommunication service providers to ensure that you get phone card services of global standards and meet your telecommunication needs perfectly. Customers can use the phone card from the company and stay connected with the rest of the world at great prices.

Comfi phonecards offer a lot of benefits to you as a customer. The company offers you plenty of choice by giving you access to a wide selection of phone card from leading players. Comfi has built an online platform through which you can get your calling card PIN online. As the company has only tied-up with best of service providers so that call quality is also of international standards. There is also PIN free feature offered on calling cards where you have to register phone numbers you call from and you can then call without entering any PIN. With easy PIN refill facility, you can talk continuously for hours without any troubles.

The company offers a wide range of phone cards catering to the specific needs of the customers. There is a Military Phone Cards especially for military members, their families and their friends. Comfi phone cards also offers good calling card offers to international student who are studying abroad. There are business phone cards for globetrotting businessmen wishing to call from abroad. If you are travelling abroad then you can benefit from travel phone cards offered by the company to stay connected with your home. Expatriates calling cards allow international citizens and expatriates to call home at economical rates from any location across the globe. There are also calling card plans for specific countries and continents like Africa phone cards, Asia calling cards, Europe phone cards, and South America phone cards.

In addition to comfi phone cards the company also offers other services such as WEB-Call wherein you can make phone calls from a web page. The company also offers PC-to-Phone services and SMS-call services wherein you have to send the company a phone number you wish to call and you will be connected to it. For corporate, there are conference call facilities where multiple users can connect to each other and hold business discussions. You can order for phone cards from the company online.

The Comfi is established in 1996. Comfi Phonecards offers a wide choice of quality international calling cards for any destination. Comfi Corporation is a leading company for Internet communication based in Boston, Massachusetts. The company has built several stores and online malls, developed several innovative online products. Comfi Phonecards has developed the most efficient, affective and advanced technologies over the years.

Comfi strategy offers the customers with good quality of services and is searching for the best possible long distance Phonecards rates and is offering in order to offer them to it customers, this makes the companies main advantages. Comfi which is associated with the Premium Telecommunication Carriers chooses its manufacturers based on the quality of their prices, services and customer's feedback.

The Comfi main goal is to develop efficient and secure business models. Save time and money with Comfi Phonecards. Order a calling card online, get the PIN online instantly and start calling in minutes Wherever you are, you are sure to get the reliable, fast and high quality service. Call worldwide with Comfi Phonecards. Comfi uses the most assured online payment processing system VeriSign. Which provides the sacure environment for processing the transactions ensuring that the customers transactions are always secure and safe. Order a online calling card, it makes the purchasing process extremly easy and allows customers to receive the telephone services get done immediatly. Customers are able to receive instructions and PINs on their screen immediatly, right after a transaction is processed, and an e-mail is sent to their id's. The complete process takes less than a minute.

Benefits of using Comfi Phonecards:

  • Wide Selection of Cards
  • Your PIN Online
  • Low Rates to any Destination
  • High Connection Quality
  • Direct Access - PIN Free
  • Easy PIN Refill

Comfi also provides long distance telephony and refill services with instant payment options, accessible from all over the world 24 hours a day. The company also introduces an additional opportunity to save money to its customers who buys Comfi phonecards from its website. For any transaction with total amount of $15 or more automatically he can earn credits to his "Savings Account". The amount of credit varies depending on the purchase value beginning from 4% to 7% of the invoice amount.

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